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10g of BEE NUMB Numbing cream

10g of BEE NUMB Numbing cream

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    Bee Numb is a uniquely crafted cream that makes your tattoo experience seemly painless!!

  When applied properly, you can uphold up to 3hrs of numbing. However, once the artist uses bigger mags, (shaders or coloring needles) it last around 1-2 hours. The great best secret is that if your artist agrees, lightly run the mag across your epidermis (light a hard scratch) just enough to make micro channels.

BEE NUMB should reapplied thickly, and covered with a temporary wrap, after only 15 mins you are completely numb for another 1-2 hours!! 

Aestheticians, laser technicians, and tattoo artist are amazed that clients are totally painless!!!

The cream can be used on small open cuts (so they can be throughly cleaned), shots and IV procedures are now anxiety and pain free!

Even professional athletes have been using Bee Numb with lidocaine patches for muscle relief!

Ulcerations, boils, blisters, pustules, cold sores, and even clients with shingles claim to find relief when applied with a new cotton swab thickly, and then properly cover it with a waterproof bandaid.


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  • A Bee Keepers Promise...

    At Bee Numb, we can ensure that the product is as described. And yes, It works! We are so confident that you will absolutely love our product as much as we do, or we will do everything in our power to make it right.